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Welcome to the Lightfin Case files podcast.

Thank you for downloading the podcast. Our goal with the podcast was to provide something entertaining and educational for children which didn´t involve a screen. We hope you enjoy it.

Our hero is Detective Lightfin, a shark detective He will need your help in solving these cases. Did you know that he was once part of the famous Shark PD. That stands for Police Department. They bring law and order to the oceans and make sure everyone followed the law.

Unfortunately one day Lightfin had a disagreement with his boss and as he lost his cool and he said some mean things. We all know what that can be like, right? Well one thing led to another and Lightfin had to leave the police force. So he decided to become a private eye, where he could solve cases his own way.

Each podcast will cover one of Lightfin´s cases, from big to small, famous to …. Not so famous, from sea slug to killer whale. You need to listen for clues and at the end of the episode see if you can help Lightfin guess who did it.

Thank you for joining us, get your parents to listen too and make sure they pay attention too.

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The idea for this blog started in 2019,  when I was considering taking a break from work to start on a number of side projects which had been going around my head for an extended period of time.  The idea was to give myself 10 months to sort of clear all the projects out of my head and to document the progress etc.  

It didn´t turn out to be that simple - some of the projects failed,  others turned into larger projects which I have really enjoyed but this blog is there to provide a document of my thoughts,  ideas and the Lightfin stories I have created. 

Hope you enjoy! 

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